3 top rated smartphones

The current smartphone business landscape is a harsh one: the top is populated by a couple of companies with endless variants of their flagship models and it can seem impossible for a smaller manufacturer to break through.

Needless to say, the top-of-the-line smartphones are also very expensive, which can make choosing a new mobile device difficult: is the big name worth it, or is the manufacturer simply trying to swindle you out of your hard-earned money?

To help you choose a smartphone that will last, here’s an overview of the top 3 rated smartphones currently on the market.

Top Rated Cell Phones

iPhone 6: When talking big smartphone names, you can’t go much bigger than Apple’s iPhone. The phone has become so ingrained in our culture that ‘iPhone’ often replaces the term ‘smartphone’ altogether, making many forget that it’s only one out of hundreds of different smartphones available on the market. There’s no question about it: when buying an iPhone, you’ll enjoy the high status that it brings as many will believe you have the best phone available regardless of how true this might be. But is it worth the money? Well, $500-$600 and upwards for a smartphone is a lot, even for one that promises so much. On the technical side, the iPhone 6 is fairly impressive: a small but lifelike screen, great integration with pretty much everything, a powerful operating system and an unparalleled lightweight size. In the end, it boils down to a simple question: are you ready to join the ever-expanding horde of iPhone owners?

Nexus 6P: Before saying anything else, credit is due: the iPhone is a tough competitor, and Nexus makes a valiant effort of giving Apple a run for their money. The 6P is the latest and baddest of the Nexus phones and it promises to offer more than its predecessors and, indeed, more than any other phone available. For the most part, it delivers: attractive design with a high resolution display that’s an inch larger than the iPhone’s, powerful specifications that will let you play lengthy 1440p videos and games without a hitch, fingerprint identification that many feel outshines that of the iPhone and much more. While the specs aren’t exactly on par with some of its competitors, the 6P makes up for this by costing a fair bit less. If you’d like an Android phone over an iOS one or simply want to try something different, Nexus’ latest prize-winner isn’t going to disappoint you.

LG G4: It seems that between the iPhone and the Nexus, there’s not much left to be offered in terms of smartphone features. Still, LG give their best shot at impacting the market further by adding their ┬álatest introduction, the G4, into the mix. While the G4 lacks the long battery life of the Nexus 6P and the name recognition of the iPhone 6, it can be purchased at nearly half the price of a brand-new Apple device without sacrificing too much in terms of features. And while the design is very hit-or-miss and you should definitely check the phone out in a brick-and-mortar store before buying it, the powerful market-leading camera makes the G4 a good consideration for everyone who’s in the habit of taking important pictures.