Best cellular alarm companies in the United States

The option of controlling your home through a smartphone is definitely an appealing one. And while ‘smart homes’ aren’t quite here yet (or are only available to the ultra-rich), one thing you can connect to your beloved phone is your home security system.

Managing your home’s safety through your phone has never been easier – all you need is a good cellular alarm company to provide you with the right interface. Here’s an overview of the best ones. Here are some of the most common ones that I’ve found around my home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Best cellular alarm companies

ADT: Perhaps the first thing to get out of the way when talking about ADT’s security systems is that they’re pricey: the monthly monitoring fees are twice as high as with some other security providers that offer similar benefits. ADT used to be an innovator with their smartphone-controlled security system, but now, the feature has been implemented by many other companies, at times making ADT’s price hard to justify. With that said, their range of security devices is great – from minor alarms for a little bit of extra protection to all-encompassing security systems that offer to turn your home into Fort Knox, ADT offers something for every home owner.

Protect America: How can you go wrong with such a company name, eh? Fortunately, Protect America isn’t all about the patriotic name – their services are just as worthy of your attention. Where ADT struggles with high prices, Protect America excels by offering a monthly monitoring fee that’s among the most affordable on the market. But that’s far from the end of the bargain: Protect America actually gives its security equipment for free, charging only for the installation and the monthly monitoring. Considering that their excellent alarms are fully integrated into a smartphone app, Protect America ranks as one of the best security system choices you can make.

Frontpoint: Like ADT, Frontpoint suffers from monthly monitoring fees that are among the highest on the market. Also like ADT, Frontpoint has a terrific range of security devices to choose from, meaning you’ll never have to go overboard (or too light) on your home alarm system. Like the other alarm providers on the list, Frontpoint’s devices work well with any smartphone and continue transmitting data even in the absence of a landline. While the warranty could be a bit longer, the choice of state-of-the-art devices alone gives Frontpoint a notable presence on the market.

LiveWatch: While the aforementioned security companies have some amazing security devices to them, LiveWatch beats them all by offering alarms that can’t be found anywhere else – this is especially impressive considering that the company hasn’t been in the game nearly as long as some others. Likewise, LiveWatch’s monitoring fees are even lower than Protect America’s, making them a budget choice whose devices and features not only rival those of competitors but actually beat them in many cases. However, LiveWatch isn’t without its drawbacks: the company doesn’t offer to install the devices and merely sells them instead, which can translate to some additional hassle. Despite this, if you know a good local alarm installer or have the know-how to do the job yourself, LiveWatch’s cellular alarms are sure to keep your home safe in every situation.