Do trees interfere with cell signals

Are you always plagued by issues related to your cell signal? Don’t worry, you’re not cursed – whatever the issue is, it could hardly be called a mystery and should be easy to discern if you know where to look.

Everyone knows that solid structures interfere with cell phone signals to an extent. But what about vegetation, more specifically trees – could they be the culprit behind your lackluster signal bar?

The thing with trees

Trees, like any other solid structure covering a wide area, definitely have a way of interfering with cell phone signals even from the best providers. If you’re struggling with cell signals in your area, trees could definitely be at fault, but let’s not jump to any conclusions.

To know how big of an impact trees have on your cell phone signal, look around and see how much space they’re covering. Are the trees spread wide apart or are they closely bunched together in many areas, almost forming an arc of sorts? If it’s the latter, then yes, trees could very likely be guilty.

It’s worth noting that cell phone signals don’t always travel straight upwards, meaning that dense concentrations of trees could make your life harder even if you’re in the clear.

Therefore, if you’re planning a trip, you should definitely give some thought to the amount of trees you’ll be facing and how densely-joined they are. This is why many are reluctant to travel into the wilderness: you know there’s going to be no shortage of trees, which could lead to you losing signal when you need it most.

When planning trips, try and examine the area on Google Maps and see how dense the tree concentration is. If it’s thick and you lack a satellite phone (which you probably do), you’d best prepare yourself for going off the grid at some point during your trip.

So what can you do about this pesky interference?

One thing you should never consider doing is chopping down the trees in your area that are causing interference. Firstly, trees are hugely-beneficial no matter where you live – their role extends far past just looking good. Chopping down trees to get a better cell phone signal in your home or its surrounding areas is a terrible bargain and one you should never consider.

Furthermore, you don’t really have a way of knowing what’s causing the disturbance with certainty. Sure, you can guess, but is it worth cutting down trees on a guess? You could end up finding yourself with some sad-looking tree stumps with no improvement in cell phone signal.

If you’re low on signal in your area, you have two decent options to consider:

  1. Try and find ‘sweet spots’ where the signal isn’t affected nearly as much (most areas have a few of them), or
  2. Work with a tree service company and have them reduce the density of the trees’ branches in order to try and improve the data flow.

No matter the fix you choose, the choice should always be made with the well-being of the trees in mind – at the end of the day, they’re a lot more important than cell phones whether you care to admit it or not.