What are the best cell phone providers

It’s not enough to buy yourself a killer smartphone – some thought also needs to be given to the choice of service provider.

There’s plenty of cell phone providers out there, each seemingly offering good deals at affordable prices. But are they really that? In truth, having the wrong provider can make your life a lot more difficult (not to mention empty your pockets in no time).

Here’s an overview of some of the best cell phone providers out there.

MetroPCS: If you live in the U.S., you’ve probably heard of MetroPCS more than a few times. This isn’t necessarily because of the provider’s outstanding features and perks – rather, they have one of the most aggressive and outlandish advertising campaigns out of any service provider. Do they deliver, though? For the most part, yes: MetroPCS features great prices and a terrific 4G network that offers limitless bandwidth no matter where you are in the country. A downside is that the company lacks affordable phones in their catalogue, but that shouldn’t be a problem for those who already own a cellular phone.

AT&T: Another highly-popular cell phone provider, AT&T’s perks are similarly-impressive but with more pronounced drawbacks. The provider offers great stability in all of the states and even abroad and couples this with decent download speeds that aren’t likely to set you back. Yes, the maximum speed isn’t as high as Metro’s, but for most people, the difference will be negligible. A major issue many have with AT&T is the price: its plans are some of the most expensive you’ll find, and you’d better be ready to pay up if you want this brand of premium coverage. Still, for those who don’t mind the price tag, AT&T will undoubtedly prove to be a satisfactory choice of provider.

Verizon: Most would agree that Verizon is a true premium cell phone provider: its coverage and stability are matched by few and its speeds are right up there with the best of them. What’s more, Verizon has what is likely the best selection of smartphones available: if you’re looking to replace your rusty old phone with a newer and better model, Verizon will hook you up with something good. Unfortunately, Verizon suffers from the same issues that AT&T does: uncomfortably-high prices. When considering this network, try to look past its features and instead check the prices carefully, as you don’t want your cell phone provider running you out of budget. With some careful money management, though, Verizon will show you why its name is synonymous with quality coverage nation-wide.

Ting: Ting isn’t nowhere as big and ubiquitous as the providers mentioned above, yet it’s still worth a mention. Why? Well, they’re a very user-oriented provider and you’ll never feel like you’re being neglected. Furthermore, Ting’s plans are ideal for those who don’t spend a lot of mobile data and can greatly benefit from a cheaper, yet equally as stable cell phone provider. Sure, Ting lacks the impressive smartphone offerings that bigger brands do and lags behind significantly when talking high data usage, but you can’t have everything, right?